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Autism is not only a natural but an indispensable part of human neurological diversity. If it weren't for autistics, human evolution would be unthinkable. Therefore autism should not merely be accepted, it should be appreciated.

These are the pieces I have written on this topic.

Frank L. Ludwig

Autism Appreciation

Autism Appreciation Day

Essays and Articles:

Understanding Autism (It's not as difficult as you think)

Human Rights Autism: How Autism Helped Mahatma Gandhi Free India

The Autistic Neanderthal

Why Applied Behaviour Analysis Harms Your Autistic Child
or ABA - When Children are Not Allowed to Be Themselves

Pathfinders of Mankind (Why we need autism)

Growing Up Autistically (How I discovered I'm autistic)

The Voice of Carly Fleischmann

The Autism Gravy Train - The Big Business with Autism

The Parallels between Left-Handedness and Autism

What is Low-Functioning Autism?

Why Autistic Children Need Autistic Teachers

How Autism Has Made Me an Exceptional Childcare Worker

Why Autism Speaks Disabled the Review Option on their Facebook Page

How Autism Speaks Hijacked World Autism Awareness Day

The Outsiders (How we perceive non-autistic people)

The Autist's Guide to Planet Earth

An Affectionate Letter to All Autistic Children

Short Story:

Two Heroes

Children's Story:

When the Smoke Clears

Poetry Collection:

Lines from the Spectrum

Film Review: Vexed with Vaxxed

Protest against VAXXED in Dublin

My interview for Learn From Autistics