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The Poetry Collections of Frank L. Ludwig:

Nail on the Head - Black Coffeehouse Poetry

Friday School

In a Heartbeat - The Pro-Life Poems

From the Titans to the Titanic - Ballads of Gods, Heroes and Mortals

The Miracle of Mortality - Murder Ballads

The Rock'n'Roll Poems

High Kings and Taoiseachs - Images of Ireland

The Sligo Poems

The Pirate Songs of Rosses Point

Spirit of Beauty (Tarry Yet Awhile)

The Secret Marble Stair

The Reaper's Valentine - Love's Aftermath

That's the Way It Is

Away and Back

This Doesn't Make Sense, Does It?

The Paradise of Darkness

Christmas Carols for Working Class Parents - Why Santa Couldn't Come

Irish Ways - Current Affairs

The Supreme Blossom - Poems about Childhood

Horses Can Fly - Children's Poems

Lines from the Spectrum - Autism Poems

Narrative Poems:

The Meeting of the Species

A Bull for Prester John

Prince Ledvi

The Fatal Love-Spot

The Rhapsody of the Red Rose

Song of Songs

Page with my most recent poems