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The Essays of Frank L. Ludwig:

On Pre-History, History and Politics:

The Autistic Neanderthal

Mundus Americanus or The Ultimate Empire (History of the United States)

Under the Raven Banner
(What If Palestineís Fate Were Irelandís Fate?)

The Failure of Democracy

Why Man Doesn't Fight for Equal Rights

On Religion:

The Light Shines into the Darkness (A History of Atheism)

Don't Let Santa Eat Your Children

On Abortion:

When Did Feminists Abort the Pro-Life Position?

How Common is Infanticide in Abortion Facilities?

The Pro-Choice Religion


Random Thoughts on Childcare and Parenting

The Heart of Poesy (An Introduction to Rhythmic Poetry)

Recorded Time (RT)
(The Objective Way of Recording Time)

The Lidl Shop of Horrors (Working Conditions in Lidl)



On Autism:

Understanding Autism

Why Applied Behaviour Analysis Harms Your Autistic Child

Growing Up Autistically (How I Discovered I'm Autistic)

Pathfinders of Mankind (Why we need autism)

The Autist's Guide to Planet Earth

The Outsiders (People on the Non-Autistic Spectrum)

Human Rights Autism: How Autism Helped Mahatma Gandhi Free India

Why Autistic Children Need Autistic Teachers

The Voice of Carly Fleischmann

The Parallels between Left-Handedness and Autism

How Autism Has Made Me an Exceptional Childcare Worker

Why Autism Speaks Disabled the Review Option on their Facebook Page

How Autism Speaks Hijacked World Autism Awareness Day

The Autism Gravy Train - The Big Business with Autism

What is Low-Functioning Autism?

An Affectionate Letter to All Autistic Children

The Autist's Guide to Planet Earth

Vexed with Vaxxed (film review)

The Autistic Neanderthal


Why the British and the Germans Donít Get On

An Introduction to Ludwigian Letterology