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Twenty Centuries

Left is the battlement and torn the curtain,
the Roman troops are once again deployed,
and now Jerusalem's defeat is certain:
the city falls, the temple is destroyed.

Bar Kokhba, leader of the insurrection,
and all his loyal followers are slain;
they knew the oppressed themselves have to take action
but found their strife for freedom was in vain.

A new religion rises, much disputed,
and, while the movement in itself is torn,
the Christian church is widely prosecuted,
and countless martyrs for their faith are born.

But soon the emperors have been converted,
and with the love of Christ their hearts are filled,
so, after being christened and alerted,
Theodosius has seven thousand killed.

Attila's Huns invade the Roman empire,
and nothing seems to stop them on their course;
they live on blood of victims like a vampire,
but with their leader soon they lose their force.

The Persians and the Byzantines still battle
and try to bring each other to their knees
for many years, and in the end they settle
for a fugaciously Perpetual Peace.

By Muslims who have no respect for others
the corners of the known world are explored,
and where they go, just like their Christian brothers,
they spread Godís love and justice with the sword.

Charlesmagne fights every country in existence,
and all his annexations have been blest;
as heís a faithful leader of all Christians
Pope Leo crowns him Emperor of the West.

Marauding Vikings terrorise their neighbours,
the North of Europe and the British Isles;
no one is sure the harvest of his labours
will not be carried off by force or wiles.

Otto conquers all lands between the waters
of Europe and creates, eventually,
the Holy Roman Empire as he slaughters
all those who donít accept Christianity.

Jerusalem is captured through the gritty
determination of Pope Urbanís corps:
to worship God inside the Holy City
they have to slay his creatures by the score.

An absent king, Richard the Lionhearted
has never had a prospect to displease:
he spends his reign abroad by killing Muslims
or being captured by his enemies.

Pope Gregory IX has had a vision
that critics should be tortured ere theyíre killed;
by establishing the Holy Inquisition
the will of God at last has been fulfilled.

The monarchies of France and England cherish
their lands across the sea and fight for more.
The people rise against their kings and perish:
the victims of a hundred years of war.

And when at last the Hundred Yearsí War closes
as finally the Frenchmen overwhelm
the Englishmen they launch the Wars of the Roses
over the honour to oppress their realm.

The New World soon becomes the destination
for criminals, adventurers and poor:
by massacring the native population
the pioneers open the Western door.

The Old Worldís torn after the Reformationís
success which by most leaders is despised;
in thirty years of slaughter Europeís nations
discuss the proper way to love their Christ.

All men are equal! All may say concretely
and freely what they think with solemn mien,
and those who donít support our creed completely
may join the monarch on the guillotine!

The Union battles Dixie as it happens
to reunite the empire forcibly,
and while the Northern slaves provide the weapons
their Southern brothers by decree are free.

The bomb is finished now, and with intent
to study its effect before the peace
Historyís most macabre experiment
kills and deforms millions of Japanese.

Mankindís sadistic arrogance deranges
our world, by force all problems have been solved
for twenty centuries; man never changes,
and yet some people claim we have evolved.

December 6241 RT (1999 CE)

© Frank L. Ludwig