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The Pro-Choice Religion

One of the definitions of the word religion is ‘a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects.’ [1] According to this definition ‘Pro-Choice’ beliefs and practices qualify as a religion.

We can see a lot of parallels between the dogmata and defence mechanisms of religious fundamentalists and pro-abortionists. I have chosen examples of Christianity because it is the prevalent religion in the abortion debate, but of course these symptoms affect followers of all religions.


In order to ensure their children’s ‘salvation’ Christians teach them that they’re worthless unless they’re saved by a god and tell them moral stories such as the one about the old man who attempted to kill his son because he was hearing voices. Prayers and chants such as saying grace are mindlessly repeated and learned off by heart, and the children are advised not to question any part of their parents’ religion.

Since the birth of the ‘pro-choice’ movement in 6209 RT (1968 CE) [2] the demand for abortion rights has become a mandatory part of feminism and the liberal credo, teaching that there is no other possible position one can take. Slogans and chants such as ‘My body, my choice’ are mindlessly repeated, and nobody is allowed to question a mother’s right to abort her child.


While most Christians today acknowledge that Christian atrocities of the past were ‘wrong’, such as witch hunts, the Inquisition, the crusades, genocide and slavery, they are still in denial about the fact that all these atrocities were founded on their moral compass (Exodus 22:18, Lev 24:16, 1 Samuel 15:3, John 15:6, Luke 19:27, Genesis 9:20-27, Ephesians 6:5 etc).

Despite all the available scientific evidence that an embryo develops a heartbeat, brain activity and a nervous system by the 6th week [3] pro-abortionists refer to them as ‘tissue blobs’ or ‘potential life’, and some even compare them to tumours. In Texas, where mothers are required to listen to their children’s heartbeat before aborting them, iPods are provided to drown out the sound and pretend it doesn’t exist [4] . And while pro-life supporters use photographic evidence for their point that the embryo is a human being pro-abortionists deny their age or authenticity but don’t provide any proof for their belief in the tissue blob myth; many flip their lid when confronted with images of aborted tissue blobs, and some even resort to threats. [5]


Christians in general are deluded into believing, amongst other things, that praying to their god makes a difference. A person may have been saved by a paramedic or a surgeon, yet most Christians will credit their god with this ‘miracle’. A few of them even go as far as denying their children medical attention and pray for them until they die. [6]

The majority of pro-abortionists are deluded into believing that an embryo or fetus is a lifeless cluster of cells (‘potential life’, as they call it) without ever having seen evidence to support this position, yet they ignore all the evidence to the contrary.


Many Christians are of the opinion that their way of life should be written into law and that all others should abide by their rules, as was the case in a dark past.

Many pro-abortionists are of the opinion that their position should be written into law and that nobody else has a right to voice their views.

Exclusive Mandate

Most Christian denominations claim to be the only real church of Christ and that all others are wrong.

Most pro-abortionists claim to hold the only valid position on abortion and that all others are wrong.

Peer Pressure

In Christian environments, be they family, friends or communities, there is a lot of pressure to adhere to beliefs and participate in rituals. Leaving one’s religion, or even admitting to not believing, is made difficult by the attitude that, whatever other differences there may be, being [insert Christian denomination] goes without saying. In many cases those who take this step are being shunned by the others as betrayers of their god.

In liberal environments a wide range of different views is tolerated to a certain degree. However, being pro-abortion goes without saying, and those who speak up for life in many cases are being ousted and, according to their gender, labelled ‘traitors’ or ‘male chauvinists’.

© 6254 RT (2013 CE) by Frank L. Ludwig