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Fuming Fags

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Fuming Fags: 'Do you smoke afterwards?' - 'Gee, I never checked'

The Smoke Afterwards

Fuming Fags: Tobacco Kills - 'You mustn't lie on mother's favourite pillow!' - But it's the truth, dad!'

Tobacco Kills

Fuming Fags: 'She used to be a stunner, but she's completely burnt out now!' - 'Great butt, though!'

Great Butt

Fuming Fags: 'I gave him the glad eye all night and he doesn't even look at me!' - 'I told you he's a fag!'

The Glad Eye

Fuming Fags: 'Smoking will stunt your growth, son!'

Stunted Growth

Fuming Fags: 'I'll quit right after this one, I swear!' - Johnny was going through a rough patch.

A Rough Patch

Frank L. Ludwig