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Free Bible Colouring Booklet

Feel free to print out this beautiful collection of biblical images to be coloured in by your children.

God created men in his image, but he didnít want them to be gods, too, and so he didnít give them knowledge or eternal life. However, in the Garden of Eden he planted the Tree of Life (which they were allowed to eat from) and the Tree of Knowledge (which was forbidden). Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, anyway, and God threw them out of the Garden to make sure they wouldnít eat from the Tree of Life as well and become gods themselves.

(If they had eaten from the Tree of Life first, they could have become gods, but of course they would have needed knowledge to figure that out.) - Genesis 3:22

Once a man called Abraham heard a voice telling him to kill his son, and so he led him into the wilderness, threw him on an altar, tied him up and tried to cut his throat. - Genesis 22:9-10

When Godís people wanted to leave Egypt, Pharaoh didnít let them go, and God punished him by killing the oldest child in every Egyptian family. - Exodus 12:29

In order to honour God, everybody has to sacrifice their first child to him. - Exodus 13:1

God doesnít like disobedient children, even if their parents do horrible things to them. Therefore he tells us that disobedient children have to be brought before the congregation and stoned to death. - Deuteronomy 21:18-21

In the Psalms singers praise the glory and goodness of God. One of them tells us about the happiness of the man who dashes little children against the rocks. - Psalms 137:9

God wants children to be beaten on a regular basis. If your parents donít hurt you, it means they donít love you. - Proverbs 13:24

Jesus gives us everything we ask for in prayer. This is why no true Christian can be sick or poor. - Matthew 21:22

Once Jesus told a parable of a kind and noble prince who has to go away to be crowned king. Before he leaves, he orders his servants to kill everyone who doesnít want to follow him. - Luke 19:27

God doesnít allow men to cut their hair, and he hates men with long hair. - Lev 19:27, 1 Cor. 11:14